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The Power point from today is on the file cabinet pages for level 2 and level 3 photography

Photography students next steps

Making a proof sheet. You need to upload your photos onto a mac, use photoshop and make a proof or a contact sheet. (We are working on CS6)

You do this by first of all transferring your photos that you took into a folder on the computer. That means you take them OFF the camera. Please delete them from the camera once you have done this.

Once you have that sorted, make sure you know where the folder is and what it is named.

Open photoshop, but do not open any files. click on FILE - then down to Automate, and select contact sheet II.

There is a button called CHOOSE. That is where you need to go, find your folder and select OK.

Photoshop is going to build your proof/contact sheet. Leave it for a few minutes to do this.

Once this is done, flatten each page and save as a JPEG. Ask me or someone who knows how, if you are unsure. Email me your proof sheet and upload it onto your blogs. There is a lot of your figuring this out for yourselves, but once you have done this, you will be sorted an…