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Year 13 - Folios are due October 29th 4pm. 

Our students have been really busy. Here is a run down of what they have been up to lately;

Brooke's work lately has been examining careful and subtle ways of depersonalising a subject now using John Stezaker. This leads really well on from Duane Michels. 

While Samuel's most recent post is about David Hockney, the physical work he has been making is yet to explore this. I do like the images of his little brother, and panel one has worked very well so far. There is still significant editing to do over the next 3 and half weeks.

Dayna has worked on sequencing panels one and two very carefully and her final result is currently posted. Reflection and critique is required to complete panel 3. Possibly utilising her latest shoot of Estelle. 

'Ailine is having to restructure her first panel, as even though it works really well, one of her models is just not reliable enough. Fortunately, she does a lot of work in general, so she has a lot of work she can go back to in order to re-edit and restructure. This is one of the pitfalls of using models when you are a high school student! Sometimes they are unreliable. 

Danielle is using David Carson as a way of extending her ideas in panel three - pixelation and missing the subject from the typical focal points you would expect to focus on will be something she needs to work on further. 

Hayley has left her blog for a little while, but I know she will very SOON update this and add her second panel to the beautiful collection of photos she already has...

Level three students should by now have sent their file links to me for printing for panels 1 and 2. Ideally we would want to print panel 3 next week. Sticking photos down is a tiresome and time consuming job, now would be a good time to find a friend who wants to help!


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Where to find your course work and feedback for your class this year:

On our google site:
Book mark this if you haven't already.

If you hover over the NCEA Visual Art levels' 1 - 3 button, you get to see the course outlines drop down. you can select to see one of those there. 

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I am away for you guys until Thursday.
This is a group email to all the year 12’s in both my senior classes.
I feel like you are all working really well on your starts to your folio’s. There are no where near enough blog posts happening however.
By the end of Tuesday, i would like to see a new blog post from every student. I also want you to specifically comment on a blog post from 2 other students in your class. It does not matter if they are in year 12 or not.
How do you eat a whole elephant? Piece by piece - the same way you make your folio happen.
Your blog is worth credits too and it is a safe way to keep your work for when you lose your book. It happens.
I will keep an eye on who is posting and when and respond to each of you. I am expecting you to use your blog to seek feedback from me and your classmates too.