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Neglected blog...

Year 13 - Folios are due October 29th 4pm. 
Our students have been really busy. Here is a run down of what they have been up to lately;
Brooke'swork lately has been examining careful and subtle ways of depersonalising a subject now using John Stezaker. This leads really well on from Duane Michels. 
WhileSamuel'smost recent post is about David Hockney, the physical work he has been making is yet to explore this. I do like the images of his little brother, and panel one has worked very well so far. There is still significant editing to do over the next 3 and half weeks.
Dayna has worked on sequencing panels one and two very carefully and her final result is currently posted. Reflection and critique is required to complete panel 3. Possibly utilising her latest shoot of Estelle. 
'Ailine is having to restructure her first panel, as even though it works really well, one of her models is just not reliable enough. Fortunately, she does a lot of work in general, so she has a lot of wo…