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Next Steps

So all students in Year 12 have seen folios from previous years, have been given a good amount of time to think through their own concept and have browsed images by several artists online and in books. Students have also had some time getting to used to the camera and shooting. Clearer decisions need to be made about what concept looks like.

Natasha Muston has made a genuinely good start at getting this going and has taken her first shoot and posted it online. The rest of our Year 12 students need to look at this and consider this.

Last year's blogs also hold a lot of good information and you can see the flow of ideas in these.

From this week, students will be required to start planning their time in class for the week and then following through on it.  For example from 2013. This plan will be posted online and this year, each week I will make comment on how successful it was in my eyes. As this address is to be advertised to the parents of the students in this class, that is going to make it really accessible for parents/whanau to see where students are at in this subject.

Year 13 Research is extremely strong this year and the blogs are a good demonstration of this. I am really pleased with Brooke Henry's definition of Cinematography and Daneille Ward's definition of Urban Environment in particular. These are really well done and ideas are flowing well.


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Where to find your course work and feedback for your class this year:

On our google site:
Book mark this if you haven't already.

If you hover over the NCEA Visual Art levels' 1 - 3 button, you get to see the course outlines drop down. you can select to see one of those there. 

Otherwise, if you want your class page, click on the blue tab directly. it takes you here:

You should all know what line you are in by now. Clicking on the correct line, will take you to your own class resources, including our shared google sheet, which also has your blog addresses on it. Because of the nature of google sites at this point, unless you have editing permissions for the whole page. you will only be able to VIEW this sheet from here. However, you do have it in your google drive in 'shared with me'. 

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Hello all you photography students. If you are reading htis you are likely from one of 4 senior classes of about 20 students here at Hornby High School. Your classes are multi levelled across the 3 NCEA levels, but united by theme. These themes are still in development and not yet set fully in some classes. That is ok, it is a part of the process. The Subject based blog is a way of connecting all the students in that subject together; Photography has 11 candidates from 3 classes.

If you are wondering why I am using a blog that already has stuff on it from 2013, it is because I seemed to have had 3 photography blogs all with similar resources and ideas on them, and it seems a bit pointless to keep repeating myself. Some of our blog posts this year will include re-blogging previous posts. There are good pieces of information in them so feel free to read the older ones.

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