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Week Seven Term One 2014

So last week, interrupted by Athletics day and some of the stormiest weather we have had for a very long time; how much have we achieved?

Above, the students wrote themselves a plan for the week. They then had to stick to it, knowing I would blog about it and also direct our community to the blog actively as a way of keeping in touch with what is happening in our class. Tomorrow, all students are going to be asked to update their blogs to accurately reflect their progress so far, but the following notes are what I have particularly noticed over the past week.

Danielle, Dayna, Samuel, and Brooke have all planned their time well and used it well. Danielle has been experimenting with some nice ideas for managing movement and It has been really nice to see these 4 work together in sussing out how different techniques can work in achieving her desired effect. Really nice collegial and supportive environment.

Hayley Smith has a clearer direction for how to potentially handle this idea of child…

Next Steps

So all students in Year 12 have seen folios from previous years, have been given a good amount of time to think through their own concept and have browsed images by several artists online and in books. Students have also had some time getting to used to the camera and shooting. Clearer decisions need to be made about what concept looks like.

Natasha Muston has made a genuinely good start at getting this going and has taken her first shoot and posted it online. The rest of our Year 12 students need to look at this and consider this.

Last year's blogs also hold a lot of good information and you can see the flow of ideas in these.

From this week, students will be required to start planning their time in class for the week and then following through on it.  For example from 2013. This plan will be posted online and this year, each week I will make comment on how successful it was in my eyes. As this address is to be advertised to the parents of the students in this class, that is going t…