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Hornby High School Photography 2014

Hi there! The expectation if you are doing photography at Hornby High School this year, is that you set up your own blog. This will pretty much replace your work book. Last year, the NZQA moderators were more than happy to assess our book work online through the students blogs. This will save you a lot of time and means that communicating and feedback will be much easier. The first week of school, once we have the moodle stuff sorted, will be getting yourselves online with a blog too.

There are things you will need to think carefully about with your blog. What you post will be there forever.

Commitment, Achievement, Resilience, Respect
The School Values apply to how you express yourselves digitally also. You need to care about being good digital citizens. Every post you make, on ALL forms of digital media is traceable (includes facebook). It will reflect on you in time to come. It is NOT like the spoken word that, unrecorded could be forgotten. Your digital shadow is something that can l…