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End of the Year 2013

So our moderation for internal book work has been returned and can be collected whenever you want, if you are in year 12 Photography.

NZQA gave us positive feedback about using blogs for documenting your working process and have said that our students showed a high level of engagement and explored your own cultural mileau (identity/place/sense of belonging) really well. They also said that we only have to send in a list of url's next time as there is sufficient evidence presented on the blogs to show learning. This is amazingly good feedback to get from an unknown moderator!

For 2014, we are going to continue on and expand the blogging. Year 12 and 13 Photography will use them, as will year 12 and 13 Design. Our first few lessons in term one will be sorting out your blog names and linking them up to the teacher blogs. I think its a good idea to start new blogs for those who did them this year and there will be new teacher blogs as well; one for Design and one for Photography. If you have any thoughts on that, please put a comment up. I am happy to change my mind if there is a good reason.

I will put up the links to the new blogs once I have made them some time in the holidays. The links will be on the Art dept facebook page and will be accessible from moodle next year too. (whats Moodle?... you'll find out)

Have a fantastic holiday, see you next year
Mrs Clemence


  1. Well done students and Mrs Clemence on your success in using Blogs as a way provide documentation of your photography work! This is a really innovative yet easy way of capturing everything that is relevant for your work. I look forward to learning how to use blogger and helping everyone learn about moodle ;)


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