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Plan for the week 30 July

Holiday Homework

Figure out if or how you could have used the rule of thirds on at least 3 of your folio images. comment appropriately in terms of how successful you think you works are in gaining viewer attention and concept.

Due by Monday 29th July (1st day term 3)

Plan for the week

Sorry this took a while, couldn't load the image to begin with...

Using this forum to post homework and class resources

Every two - three lessons, I plan to recap a pretty huge presentation I gave the class in Term One about elements and principles of photography. I want the students to be explicitly referencing these when they critique their work. last week I put their whiteboard plan for the week on as a new post, which I will also continue to do, along with their wee homework assignments specifically referencing the elements of photography. I am not sure if this should be a separate blog to this one, at the moment it is all wrapped as one...

Plan for the week