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Almost All of My Students Onboard With Blogs...

So are they using them for the purpose I thought they would, and wanted them to?

My intention still remains that they are critiqing and reflecting on their work as pieces of Art. Some of the comments a few are making about their work are 'it looks nice...' which is not that. I also want them to engage with, and justify their concepts as much as possible. Students are not going to achieve those higher grades unless they do that, together with clear links to established practice and use of Art principles that mean something to that concept. Some students have yet to put anything up and I do think it is because they are terrified that they don't know what this is, in their own work.

My next focus is to pull back to the principles and elements of photography and teach these explicitly maybe for 10 mins at the start of each lesson before I let them delve back into their work, and to work with certain priority learners who are yet to fully come on board with this process. Hopefully within 2 weeks of this post, all of the blogs will be functioning and active every week and students will use sentences about their own work that discuss the elements and principles visible, putting themselves in the spotlight as the 'artist' worth discussing, at a higher level.


  1. This is such a cool way to show the process of the students ideas! Have really enjoyed reading all of the blogs and look forward to future updates!! keep up the great work!


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