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Introduction - What We Are Trying To Achieve...

So, last Friday, I set my senior photography class a challenge; to create a meaningful blog about their work that could either replace their visual diaries or be a companion to them. The first student to do it well, gets lunch. Appealing to their stomachs and a short term goal. Our school is currently involved in the BeL initiative which is blended e-learning. I am seeing these blogs as being assessable for their NCEA requirements for 21, 2.2 and 2.3. I, however, don't know a heck of a lot about how to make one, so now I am doing the same thing, ABOUT the process of setting up volunteers in my class to take on this challenge and how I manage with BeL. This is fast becoming an inquiry-based learning project for me.

I have 11 students who are so far willing to take on the challenge. All are in Year 12/13 here at Hornby High School. All have made a good or impressive start to their body of work so far;

Danielle, Terence, Samuel, Hazel, Brooke, Reubin, Raquel, Marissa, Dayna, Ailine, …