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End of the Year 2013

So our moderation for internal book work has been returned and can be collected whenever you want, if you are in year 12 Photography.

NZQA gave us positive feedback about using blogs for documenting your working process and have said that our students showed a high level of engagement and explored your own cultural mileau (identity/place/sense of belonging) really well. They also said that we only have to send in a list of url's next time as there is sufficient evidence presented on the blogs to show learning. This is amazingly good feedback to get from an unknown moderator!

For 2014, we are going to continue on and expand the blogging. Year 12 and 13 Photography will use them, as will year 12 and 13 Design. Our first few lessons in term one will be sorting out your blog names and linking them up to the teacher blogs. I think its a good idea to start new blogs for those who did them this year and there will be new teacher blogs as well; one for Design and one for Photography. If y…

End of Term Three

Deadlines for folios are as follows:

Level 1 (1.3) is due 18th October at 4pm
Level 2 (2.4 Paint, Design and Photography) is due 25th October at 4pm
Level 3 (3.4 Paint, Print, Design, Photography) is due 1st November 4pm. 

Art Exhibition of student work will be held on Monday 4th November from 5.30pm - 7pm. This is open to everyone. It may not include all of the level 2 folios due to NZQA timelines for moderation, but those not physically present will be represented in a data show.

I will be looking to select one piece of student work for the exhibition invite, which is most likely to be from within the year 12 group.

New Ideas and inspirations for Photography students:

Website that is definitely worth looking through, loads of interviews with the Artists as well as imagery. Yvonne Todd's work is in there Reubin.

quick tutorial on how to merge and combine photos on CS6 very easy. if you are stuck use youtube! It'…

Pinterest board for photography

I did this a wee while ago. It is a collection of potential Artist models that Students could investigate further in their work. It has been a wee bit forgotten about, so I am hoping that posting its address here will remind students to check in with it every now and then. Fiona Pardington would be very helpful for Samuel for instance...

New shoot from everyone please :)

Plan for the week 30 July

Holiday Homework

Figure out if or how you could have used the rule of thirds on at least 3 of your folio images. comment appropriately in terms of how successful you think you works are in gaining viewer attention and concept.

Due by Monday 29th July (1st day term 3)

Plan for the week

Sorry this took a while, couldn't load the image to begin with...

Using this forum to post homework and class resources

Every two - three lessons, I plan to recap a pretty huge presentation I gave the class in Term One about elements and principles of photography. I want the students to be explicitly referencing these when they critique their work. last week I put their whiteboard plan for the week on as a new post, which I will also continue to do, along with their wee homework assignments specifically referencing the elements of photography. I am not sure if this should be a separate blog to this one, at the moment it is all wrapped as one...

Plan for the week

Almost All of My Students Onboard With Blogs...

So are they using them for the purpose I thought they would, and wanted them to?

My intention still remains that they are critiqing and reflecting on their work as pieces of Art. Some of the comments a few are making about their work are 'it looks nice...' which is not that. I also want them to engage with, and justify their concepts as much as possible. Students are not going to achieve those higher grades unless they do that, together with clear links to established practice and use of Art principles that mean something to that concept. Some students have yet to put anything up and I do think it is because they are terrified that they don't know what this is, in their own work.

My next focus is to pull back to the principles and elements of photography and teach these explicitly maybe for 10 mins at the start of each lesson before I let them delve back into their work, and to work with certain priority learners who are yet to fully come on board with this process. Hopefu…

Notes from the first Group Critique for 2013

Critique (with the Year 12 students only) went for 1 and a half hours and they did alright. The following are notes from this critique. They are here as a record for the students themselves and could hopefully offer more insight into their work than you could glean from their blogs at the stage they are in right now. They are notes only and somewhat informal.

12 photography notes from the critique: June 12th 2013
Zusje – not using the blog, subject matter is still life, had a thought to use her cactus which she has named Dorothy, but it doesn’t work. Her work looks like Vanitas so far. Doesn’t have many objects within it though. White space is used very well. Wants to extend her subject matter to include a candle and a bottle shaped like a skull. Has research Vanitas for 2.1 Painting already, so has a sound understanding of this genre to help get her stared in photography. Thinks her photos so far are a bit weird and is not convinced. Likes the ones on her board so far.
Marissa – blog i…


To critique is to review or analyse something critically and carefully. The word critisise is the anglo-sised version of the word and generally seen in a negative light. Critique is the French variant and is seen as the more helpful verb. It all comes from the Greek word ‘Kritikos’ meaning skilled in judging. It is a very important part of any art making, writing or research based work. It always needs to be peer–reviewed and critiqued. What if there is something glaringly obvious that is of use, right in front of you and you have been staring at it for so long, you forgot to see it? You should not be scared of this process, you should want it to happen. It is helpful and necessary. 

That is the next step for our blogging students. They are going to take what is on their blog, and what they have in paper notes and have a group critique in class. This is usually like pulling teeth. However, 2 of my students have already used other online forums to discuss their actual blogs and therefor…

Introduction - What We Are Trying To Achieve...

So, last Friday, I set my senior photography class a challenge; to create a meaningful blog about their work that could either replace their visual diaries or be a companion to them. The first student to do it well, gets lunch. Appealing to their stomachs and a short term goal. Our school is currently involved in the BeL initiative which is blended e-learning. I am seeing these blogs as being assessable for their NCEA requirements for 21, 2.2 and 2.3. I, however, don't know a heck of a lot about how to make one, so now I am doing the same thing, ABOUT the process of setting up volunteers in my class to take on this challenge and how I manage with BeL. This is fast becoming an inquiry-based learning project for me.

I have 11 students who are so far willing to take on the challenge. All are in Year 12/13 here at Hornby High School. All have made a good or impressive start to their body of work so far;

Danielle, Terence, Samuel, Hazel, Brooke, Reubin, Raquel, Marissa, Dayna, Ailine, …